Yesterday, I shared the story of a man from Oregon who used pictures of his scantily clad daughter in order to sell his 1977 Datsun on eBay. The story led to hundred of thousands of people calling this man a total creeper, and now it turns out that we were wrong. He's not a creeper, but he is a liar.

Turns out Lexxa, the 20-year-old featured in the photos with the car is not, in fact, Kim Ridley's daughter, but instead a friend of his who sometimes helps him sell cars.

The story began with one prospective buyer asking,

Does buying the car include a free "ride" with the porn star?
To which Mr. Ridley responded,
Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!! But sure----------!!!! Hit the buy it now!!
Turns out Ridley was only joking, but once he started to get all of the attention, he continued with the hoax. Finally, today, he revealed to KVAL that it was all just a joke.
Honestly? I don't know that this makes him any less creepy.