How the hell stuff like this happens in real life I have no idea, but these types of stories always seem to pop up when I’m out hanging and drinking with friends. A couple of guys that worked construction in New Orleans went to Arby’s after work, and they were roommates too, and they didn’t eat their food there, they got their food to go, and had planned on eating it back at the house that way they could have some beers too.

Well, Hector who was the guy that owned the house, ate his food up real quick and got right into the beers. Alfonso, the other guy that lived with Hector in his house, only ate his fries, and said he was going to eat the rest of his food later, and then he started getting into the beers. Well, about 3 hours later they’re both pretty drunk, and Alfonso decides he’s now going to eat the rest of his food…(which was a French dip by the way, you know the one that comes with the Au Jus to dip your sandwich in) So Hector tells the guy to make sure to eat the French dip over the table and not to drip any of the Au Jus on his new carpet.

I guess Alfonso pretty much ignored that and ate his French dip and dripped Au Jus all over Hector’s carpet, then he told Hector he was sorry, he was drunk, and he’d clean it up in the morning. Hector didn’t go for that plan. Hector had is own plan, he walked to the closed, pulled out his rifle, stuck it in Alfonso’s chest point blank, and pulled the trigger! Blew the guy wide open! Blew a huge hole in Alfonso’s chest, his blood and guts and intestines splattered all over the walls of Hectors house, and yea the dude died!

Neighbors heard a gun shot & called cops, when they got there Hector was still drinking heavily and when they asked him why he killed his friend, all he said was ” He spilled Au Jus all over my new carpet, I want a lawyer.” Its amazing what little stupid things people will kill people over isn’t it? It’s a shame. But who wants an Arby’s French dip now? Damn I’m hungry!