The NFL went on indefinite hiatus at midnight Friday when owners decided to lock out players after weeks of failed labor negotiations.Free agency is on hold, trades can't happen, and though next month's draft will go on as scheduled, no one can say when players will again see the field.

It's just starting to get ugly too as analysts are predicting legal battles ahead.  Stay hopeful though cause the desire by both sides to make money may eventually lead to a settlement. But as I say this; anti-trust lawsuit are up and running against the league.  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have already filed injunctions against the lock-out.

With this lock-out so many vital questions remain unanswered like:

What will I watch on Fox and CBS on Sundays if there's no pro football?

Could the Lions have won more games than they would've lost?

Will I actually HEAR what my wife says to me on Sundays?

I shiver at the thought. Lets just hope this travesty gets settled soon guys, or it's mall trips and honey-do lists on Sundays for us.  Unless of course, the Womens Beach Volleyball season can be scheduled to fill that Sunday programming void. Just a thought.