Hour 1
We started the morning talking about Joe and Steve beginning their long trip back to the States. Recapping their most recent videos is still absurd to see people nearby getting thrown around by bulls. Just crazy. You can still check all those videos out on the Videos page. We went over a list of classic movie scenes put together by Entertainment Weekly. Some of them were no-brainers but a lot of them were head scratchers.

Hour 2
Free Beer is trying to sell a fish tank on Craigslist. Turns out, some of the trades offered to him were not that enticing. He was offered a broken air compressor for his huge fish tank. Why do people think those dumb offers are acceptable? Free Beer was awoken suddenly by his wife the other night wondering what a random beep was. After waiting to hear it the next day, he has determined it is no smoke alarm. We took some calls but as of now, no resolution. We had to interrupt the scheduled break to talk to Joe in Barcelona. There was some bad weather in Amsterdam so their flight was delayed and they won't be getting back until a full day later! International travel!

Hour 3
We came back from the break by screwing up the timing for all the affiliates! Sorry! We had an update on the cutie patootie child pageant sensation. Apparently, she is retiring and planning on releasing an album of her hit song! She is planning on becoming the next Oprah. Obviously, "she" is code for her mother. There is a lawsuit near Detroit filed by a woman who was broken up with by her online boyfriend. They met on Mafia Wars, so it had to be love at first sight. She is now suing for almost $8,000 for gifts she bought and sent him without meeting him. Sound logic there. We played some audio from the idiot who nearly fell and died trying to catch a baseball at the Home Run derby. He blamed it on being in the heat of the moment and that the Home Run derby is a "pretty big thing." What?

Hour 4
There was a story that came out blaming coal mining for a lot of birth defects in West Virginia. That seems fair. Coal mining's retort was to blame it on inbreeding. That seems just as logical. We talked about the most recent example of a nasty divorce. This one took it to a new level where the soon to be ex-wife decided to cut off a useful appendage of the man. In the Free Beer and Hot Wings Report, we talked about a new video where a female military member is asking Justin Timberlake to a military ball after he sold Mila Kunis out. We had some audio of Anderson Cooper recently reading a part of Snooki's book in dramatic fashion. We finished it out with some audio from a local zoo crew trying to do the same thing as Cooper, but it sucked and wasn't funny. So that was just as good. We finished out the hour with a game of DTZ Trivia worth $3,600 from our friends at Cat Footwear where our contestant was Tim from Springfield.

Hour 5
We had an update on Casey Anthony. The only difference is this guy wasn't on trial accused of murder. He has had quite a time on Facebook since the verdict came down. Apparently it is difficult to discern a 25-year old woman and a middle aged black man. We had a story of possibly the worst boss in the world where the chef would just throw his employees in the trash, apparently. He would make a girl carry eggs in her shirt and any mistake ended with him smashing the eggs in her shirt. We finished with a replay of the d-mic stunt Joe did in Spain. Talk to you, Friday!