Courtney Love has started up a new web series via her YouTube Channel.

The unscripted series gives a look into Love’s daily life.

“#CourtneyOn” features Love tackling topics from pop culture and current events, with new episodes every Tuesday.

An additional original series “#ImWithCourtney,” a user-generated Google Hangout format highlighting the live interactions of Courtney with fans also airs every Thursday.

The initiatives with Love are part of a deal that Endemol Beyond USA has made to further expand Love’s online presence.

Love said: “There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love- from the fringy stuff to the fun, and over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers.”

Love is a singer-songwriter, musician, actress and artist. She was the frontwoman of alternative rock band Hole and was married to Kurt Cobain. A practicing Buddhist since 1989, she has been a vocal advocate for gun regulation, LGBT rights and feminist issues.