Ever since the death of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, the future of the band has been in question.  That was until the Iowa rockers confirmed that they would headline this year's Sonisphere Festival.  Slipknot members were also giving conflicting reports about a new album, the latest being Corey Taylor, who says he doesn't see a new record coming out anytime soon.

Speaking to Undercover.fm, Corey Taylor discussed how big of a loss Gray's death brought:

"There is a such a huge piece missing now.  A piece so huge that the fans can't even understand.  Paul always was that unconscious, almost lynchpin that held everything together and he had such a great mind for the music that we created that without him, I don't see [a new Slipknot album] happening let's put it that way.  And if it does, it'll be way, way down the line."

You can view the full interview below.  Notice how Corey Taylor uses pretense words like "was" when talking about his time in Slipknot.  The singer also remarked that personal issues with each Slipknot member is a major factor in the group's future.  I will wait to see how Slipknot's Sonisphere performances go before I try to figure them out.

What do you think?  Should Slipknot call it quits after Sonisphere to preserve their legacy or push forward?