Most big bands, when they make it--bring home a nice paycheck. But what if you were in a band, and you had to pay to be in it? Especially if the band is Trivium!

In an interview with Corey Beaulieu went on to say,

I joined the band about a month before I graduated, so after I graduated I just went full on with the band. And eventually it all took off and did what it’s done and we are lucky enough to make a career out of it. Luckily I didn’t have to go schlep around for a job, because a job in that field that I went to school for is every difficult to find a job today. Since there’s no studios, the only people that have studios anymore are like in their own homes or whatever. Nobody goes to traditional studios anymore. Even people I went to school with at Full Sail seven years ago, nobody has a job in that field anymore. I was very fortunate that even going down there to do that, I was able to actually do what I wanted and that was be in a band. I always say I paid $35,000 to join a band (laughs).

So Corey went to school, said "eff' this" and went on to success with Trivium! Even though Corey wasted a good $35,000 big ones, at least he is making amazing metal with Trivum."