Remember Zombie Industries? The fine folks who produced and sold the "Ex-Girlfriend" bleeding shooting target? Well, they're back in the news again, and this time for an equally douchey reason. The fine folks at Zombie now sell a target that they say resembles every gun lobbyist they've ever seen. And that's not even the worst part.

Of course, the folks at ZI have to market the product. And so, on their website, they feature the target superimposed over a photo of actual gun lobbyists. One of those lobbyist just happens to be a guy by the name of Colin Goddard. Colin happens to be a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting. He was shot four times while he sat in his French class, and three of the bullets remain lodged in his shoulder and hip. He is one of only eight people in his classroom who survived.


Once Goddard realized that his likeness was being used by Zombie Industries, he tweeted them and asked that they remove him from the ad:


Zombie Industries has not yet removed the photo of Goddard from their site, and really doesn't seem to have responded to him as far as I can tell. Though, in looking through their websites, it seems that they're perfectly happy with themselves when they piss people off.


They were overjoyed when they were featured on many news outlets for selling a target that bares a striking resemblance to President Obama.