Some people just deserve a beatdown.  Not that I'm a violent person, or like getting into fight, since I don't.  But when you carjack moms and their kids, you've definitely asked for a beating.

In the parking lot of this San Diego market on Sunday, some people witnessed a guy carjacking a mother and her kids.  He took her keys, and jumped into their minivan with them, trying to drive away.

But the witnesses didn't stop and stare, they leaped into action!  They pulled the keys out of his hand, then pulled HIM from the van, and proceeded to beat the living crap out of the dude, while others called the cops!

Nice work, protecting people in your community!  Especially moms and their kids.

This douchebag even brags at one point about how he's carjacked people at least three times, in front of the police, after he's been cuffed!  Not the brightest bulb in the box, and really makes you wish the beatdown had been more severe.

Enjoy your time in jail, asshat.

Everyone is fine, except the carjacker...but, screw him, right!