Yesterday was a crazy Friday. We loaded into the club at our usual 5 p.m.

Once we loaded in and sound-checked, Mitch and I started walking to meet our friend Ryan for dinner. It was a 35-minute walk to the Thai restaurant. We laughed the whole way there and talked about out plans for the next few months. Ryan ended up getting stuck at work and we had dinner -- just the two of us.

The walk back was it's own adventure. Mitch stayed up at Evergroove Studios in Evergreen, Colo., all week and ate nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. He had the chance to really cleanse by making fresh juices everyday. This all caught up to him at once. He was doing a crazy walk to pinch his cheeks together, like I've never seen in 12 years of knowing him. We were scouting out certain bushes and dark areas people's yards that might work in case of emergency. The entire walk back was all residential, not one restaurant or business to stop into. I felt terrible for him, but I've probably never laughed harder in my entire life.

By the time we got back to the club, it was already filling up with people. All the bartenders were even wearing our Get A Little bootie shorts. I stopped over at the bus to change my clothes and noticed our generator was shooting flames out the side! I shut it down and texted Tyler. (Tyler is the head of the mechanical dept at Team Wayland). We're hoping to get it fixed in Kansas City on Monday.

It seemed like everyone was having fun, and ready for a wild night. About an hour before our set, I got super dizzy and tired. I stretched out, drank a ton of water, and even drank a massive red bull and still couldn't shake the weird feeling. At this point, I was dreading show time.

While the Denver radio station, KBPI, did a bikini contest before we played, I just stood in the corner, slight dazed out trying to figure out what the hell was going on with me! We hit the stage and I played as hard as I could, as always. The band had some very magic moments on stage together, and I only had a few times throughout the show where I almost lost my balance due to the dizziness. I was having fun playing, but at the same time so thankful when each song was over. Mitch said he got a splitting headache as soon as we started as well. We think it must have been an elevation thing.

I still felt like shit after the set and couldn't wait to get in my bunk. We stayed in the bar and hung out with everyone until it closed. On the way out someone smashed the door of the bar, and at the same time, a drunk girl back her SUV into our bus! Just one of those nights! Ha ha!

I didn't want to get our of my bunk today. But I knew I had to write my tour log, I have an online-radio interview in a bit, as well as a bunch of phone calls and emails that need to get done. Now that I'm up and have hot coffee pursing through my veins I'm raring to go ! We stopped at Whole Foods on the way out of Denver which is an occasion that everyone looks forward to. Chip took full advantage of their samples they put out. Ha ha!

It's snowing here and it kind of reminds me of Christmas in Michigan. We've seen three pile-up accidents on the freeway already today. You'd think Denver drivers would be used to a little weather, ha ha! Tonight, after the Colorado Springs show, we're driving eight or nine hours to Kansas City.

We'll get there tomorrow morning, and the show is Monday night with Bobaflex.

We are spending the next month planning out the special show on April 5 at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. I really hope we get another massive turnout. It's amazing how so many people already have said they are traveling from out of state for that show. I can't imagine the energy that will be shining from the room on April 5th.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm! We love all you Wayland Warriors!

– Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!