On Friday, a great band from Detroit, Citizen Zero, came to visit GRD and play some of their songs acoustic for a bunch of winners. We got a bunch of people in to meet the band, and check out their acoustic performance.

The band hung out with everyone, had some pizza, and played four songs for us, including their current single, "Go (Let Me Save You)". All of the guys in the band came, even though only Josh and Sammy played the set.

Josh LeMay sings and plays guitar, Sammy Boller playes guitar and piano, John Dudley is the drummer, and Sam Collins plays bass for the band.

The acoustic set featured some guitar and piano, and for the first time I've seen at an acoustic set, some acoustic guitar sweep picking during a guitar solo! Thanks Sammy for doing some crazy stuff on guitar for us!

More videos coming for you to enjoy!