Looks like in Indonesia, if you fall behind on your mortgage they don’t forclose on your house, they beat you to death instead!   Holy balls nuts crazy is this one man.   Here is what we know so far.  A 50 year old Indonesian guy name Irzen Octa was behind on his mortage, so he set up a meeting with some Mortgage officials at Citibank. They're the ones that were holding the mortgage on his house.

And apparently in Indonesia, they “outsource” their collections department……meaning, they kind of hire freakin hitmen to beat the snot out of people that don’t make their house payments on time!   So 50 year old Octa shows up for his meeting, dude is pretty excited, thinks he’s gonna get to refinance and get a fresh start on things A Citibank official takes Mr Octa up to the 5th floor to a private room set aside for quote “dead beat debtors” and they toss the guy in.

A couple minutes later, 5  “outsourced  debt collection  unregulated agents” enter the room,    and 5 “outsourced  debt collection  unregulated agents” means they were 5 dudes that were not even employees of the bank, they were just hired muscle, or hitmen type guys hired to beat the living snot out people that fell behind on their mortagees….

The 5 guys and this Octa guy are in the room for a few minuets. No one really knows what went on, but after a few minutes--the 5 guys left the room. Another Citibank employee entered the room a few minutes later and he stumbles upon this Octa guy, laying face down with bruises all over his face and abdomen & blood running out of his broken nose!

Oh yeah. Almost forgot, he was also DEAD! The Five collectors (none of them Citibank employees)--have been arrested on suspicion of 'group violence” and “mistreatment resulting in death.' Citibank said they conducted their own private investigation and found no signs of psychical violence. REAL cops are still investigating, though and now the dead guy's wife is suing citibanks balls off, suing them for wrongful death. Wrongful death they hope is worth a cool $350 million bucks!

I can’t speak for the wife of the dead guy, but I would consider that a pretty good deal--wouldn’t you? Yea sure, ya lose a husband, but the guy was broke anyway and in exchange you get $350 million bucks! I’m not married, but if I was--I’d probably easily trade my wife for $350 million dollars! I mean, after all she’s probably not young and hot and tight and fresh and juicy anymore like she was when we got married (chicks do that sometimes ya know, quit taking care of themselves after they get married) They figure…'Ahh, he’s not gonna leave me, we're married now--so its ok if I cram 17 Big Macs down my throat for lunch every day, he’s not going anywhere'

Plus, think of all the young hot tight juicy chicks that would want to date you if you had $350 million bucks! Who cares if they’re just using you for your money! Or, maybe they really loved each other and she would rather have her husband back rather than $350 million... yeah, probably not. And man, I’m sure as hell glad I don’t live in Indonesia and behind on my mortage! Those banker guys sound like they're brutal over there... but maybe they have a nice free checking plan!