Soundgarden fans who long thought that the grunge icons would never play together again after their breakup in 1997 were pleasantly proved wrong when the band reunited in 2010.  Now Chris Cornell is giving up some details about the new album.

In an interview with SPIN, Cornell reveals that the band will start work on the new album very soon.

"We start recording in about a week in Seattle.  We don't have a schedule.  It's not like we are going to go into the studio and come out when we're finished with an album.  We're putting the music first.  The process of writing, recording, and being creative together is the most important thing, not meeting a deadline."

Adam Kasper, who previously worked on Soundgarden's last studio album, 1996's Down on the Upside, will produce the new record.

Cornell continued to talk about what made Soundgarden split the first time and how things will be different now that there is less pressure on the band.

"The main thing that got in the way of us wanting to be in Soundgarden is that long cycle of write, record, promote, release, tour -- then do it all over again," Cornell elaborates.  "It all fit into a schedule and Soundgarden come completely from indie roots.  We were a Do It Yourself band that became part of a bigger picture.  But we're being really carefully now to do this on our own time.  We're doing things at a pace that's comfortable for everybody."

It seems like the members of Soundgarden have grown wiser as time went on.  Are you stoked about a new Soundgarden album?  Sound off below.

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