Drop everything because Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer is here! Well not until this fall but it's what you'll want to put at the top of your grocery list!

Thrillist reports that Ben & Jerry's, who are basically ice cream gods, teamed up with New Belgium Brewing to come up with this amazing concoction.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale will be released sometime this fall and will be available as a 6 pack.

The companies also guarantee that $50,000 of the proceeds will go towards climate change awareness group Protect Our Winters."

I don't think they'll have any problem reaching that goal.

This isn't the first time the two companies have come together. Last fall they released the Salted Caramel Brown Ale which was a huge success.

Let's all take joy in the fact that two of America's favorite things are being combined. All is right in the world.

p.s. would it be weird to eat cookie dough ice cream as I sip on the beer? Too much? NEVER!