Today, I got to talk with Sam from Chevelle about their new album, the upcoming tour, even road stink, road food, and Pete's idea of how he does things!

Chevelle's new album "La Gargola" comes out on April 1st, and they're currently rehearsing for the tour, so that seemed like the best place to start the conversation.

In part one, Sam talks about getting an electric drum kit for the demos, and how Pete remembers things differently.

"How he got me an electric drum kit, was he called me and said 'Go get an electric drum kit'"

He also talked about the album title "La Gargola" (the Gargoyle), and they loved the title, so they title the album after it.

"It's sort of like the start of a horror movie.  Like, I'm just doing my normal thing, and open the door and take out the trash and you feel like you're being watched."

In the second part, Sam talks about touring and road life, and the stinkiest, nastiest tour issues.

"It's always the van.  The van is always the worst…the vans just smell like genitals."

He also shares which bands he'd love to tour with:

"We've actually never toured with the Deftones…I think that would be a lot of fun.  And, uh, Clutch.  That would be fun!"

Get ready for Chevelle to bring their non-genital-smelling bus to Grand Rapids on April 21st at The Orbit Room.  Keep listening to WGRD for chances to win tickets to the show!