Charles Manson's Official Facebook page has posted a photo from prison of the convicted murderer sporting a patch on one eye and a devastating bruise surrounding the other.

Any high profile inmate such as Manson is certainly always at risk of being attacked by other inmates seeking notoriety for themselves but in true convict fashion, Manson has stated that no rumors about him being attacked by inmates or cops are true. He says he simply fell out of his bunk and hit his head. Whatever happened, Manson is clearly no snitch.

Here is the official statement from Manson's Facebook page...

July 21, 2013
On the night of July 16th, Charlie was asleep when he fell off the bunk and hit his head above his right eye, resulting in two black eyes. There have been several false rumors circulating that an inmate hit him, cops hit him, or that he had a seizure, etc. Star visited with him this weekend, and she confirms that he is doing fine, despite the rather dramatic looking black eyes. She also confirms that there was no foul play involved. He was examined by medical staff the next morning and spent the day being monitored in the hospital. Charlie was cleared by his doctors to return to his unit and is showing no further symptoms of injury.

Charlie says that the doctors treated him professionally - “The doctor, was number one, his name was Dr. Jin Yu. He’s a Chinese doctor, he’s a true doctor, very good, efficient expert. I’d say he did a good job with the situation and handled it perfectly. The other doctor, is a soldier doctor, Dr. Gill. His word is his bond, he’s a good man. His techniques were very professional and he’s a tremendous doctor.”

Manson is serving a life sentence in California for murder and conspiracy. His next chance at freedom comes in 2027 when he'll be 92 years old.