Celebrities often get a bad rap, but recently a group of celebs came together to do something really great for a young man with a form of bone cancer. Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14 and was not given a very good prognosis. Zach has handled his diagnosis, and the knowledge that he will not beat this disease with grace and joy and love. And it helped him discover that he has a real knack for song writing. He wrote a song as a final goodbye to his family and friends, and the video for it went viral. What happened next is truly awesome.

The video for Zach's song "Clouds" has almost 3 million views on YouTube. And it caught the attention of the folks at SoulPacake, who asked some of their famous friends to help them pay tribute to Zach. And those famous friends responded enthusiastically. Nearly thirty celebs took video of themselves lip synching along to Zach's song. Many members of the cast of "The Office", Jason Mraz, Phillip Phillips, Colbie Caillat, Jason Derulo, Brian Cranston (from "Breaking Bad") and a ton of other celebs came together to pay tribute to this boy who just recently turned 18 (which was against all odds) and attended prom with his girlfriend Amy.

Check out the celebs taking on Zach's song "Clouds":

Check out Zach's video here:

To learn more about Zach, check out his episode of SoulPancake's "My Last Days":