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Grand Rapids’ Blue Bridge Will Light Up Tonight to Honor Brussels
The Blue Pedestrian Bridge downtown Grand Rapids will light up with the colors of the Belgian Flag tonight, MLive reports.
To honor the victims and their families and to show solidarity following the attacks on Brussels this morning, the bridge will glow black, yellow, and red tonight, tomorrow,…
‘The Ring Vs. The Grudge’ Movie Officially Announced [Video]
Just as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were icons of 1980's horror films, so were Samara and Kayako in the early 2000's. The long-haired ladies from The Ring and The Grudge terrified audiences around the world, and now it appears that they'll appear together in what is guaranteed t…
Zoo Has an Escaped Zebra Drill, Because Why Not? [Video]
You'd think that an escaped lion, elephant, or anaconda would be a zoo's biggest safety concern, but apparently zebras can get loose, too. One Japanese zoo decided to stage an emergency drill earlier this week simulating the recapture of an escaped zebra, except that the zebra in the drill…
Trailer for Detective Pikachu Game Is Finally Here [Video]
As the biggest icon in the Pokemon franchise, it's not surprising that Pikachu is the main character of many Pokemon titles. But the new Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo trailer shows the electric mouse doing something a bit out of character: talking.

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