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Are You Putting Your Family at Risk During Grill Season?
Warm weather usually is the kick off of grilling season but in the Midwest Memorial weekend can be considered a grilling holiday. With summer knocking at your door filled with many evenings and weekends filled with firing up the grill, is your mind on the meat or safety of your family?
Gas Station Employee Shot and Killed
Police in Wyoming Michigan need your help in locating a gunman and getaway driver after a deadly shooting early Monday morning.
The shooting was at the Marathon gas station on the corner of 28th Street and Buchanan Avenue. Reports of gunfire were around 6 a...
National Bike to Work Day.
Today is National Bike to Work day so watch out for all the extract bikes on the road while out driving to day. Bikers all across West Michigan and around the country are riding to work today.
GR Book Company Say They Know Who D.B. Cooper Was
In 1971, a man listed on the manifest as Dan Cooper hijacked a plane, had it land in Portland to collect $200,000 in cash, and then donned a parachute given to him, jumped out of the plane over the Northwest wilderness with the money, and was never heard from again.
Now, a Grand Rapids publishing co…

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