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Remember Witmark?
Remember the good old days of catalog showrooms? What, you say, is a catalog showroom? Simply, it was a retail location that also had a big printed catalog, sort of like Sears, that people ordered out of, too. And, probably the big one in town was Witmark.
Michigan Drug Deaths Increased By 18% From 2015 To 2016
Sad news for Michigan residents after the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) released drug death totals for 2016.
From 2015 to 2016, drug related deaths increased by 18% with most being related to opioids. The total drug related deaths in Michigan last year was 2,335, …
West Michigan is Getting its Second Trader Joe’s!
It's about time! Trader Joe's is something West Michigan needs more of and its finally getting its second location.
FOX 17 says the grocery store will be opening in Oshtemo Township in Kalamazoo as part of the 40-acre Corner@Drake project...
How to Make a Michigander Mad (Spoiler: You Don’t Want To)
Michiganders for the most part are nice and welcoming people. We have a Midwestern hospitality but we also can get feisty if you piss us off. That's something you want to avoid.
Think of this as a guide as to what not to do/say in front of someone from Michigan...
Is Cheesecake Factory Finally Coming to West Michigan?
When I go to Chicago, one of the places on my lists of “OH, if we have time I’d like to eat at…” is Cheesecake Factory.  So of course, I move to Grand Rapids and think “Man, they have a PF’s, they must have a Cheesecake Factory, too", but no……
Kid Rock Might Be Running For US Senate
Is Kid Rock seriously going to run for US Senate in 2018?  That's the question that's been flying around the internet since yesterday.  The Michigan native rocker seems to be considering a run for office after a few tweets from his official twitter...

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