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Man Gets Out of Jury Duty by Showing up in a Prisoner Costume
I got summoned for jury duty once and had to make those nerve-racking phone calls every day to the court to see if I had to report, fingers crossed that my name wouldn't be drawn... and it wasn't! Phew!
Somehow I was spared serving jury duty and I didn't even have to lie and make up some crazy excuse…
Some Old Dude Slashes Tires Over Bingo Dispute [Video]
Who knew bingo could be so cutthroat?
Well, "cut-tire", to be quite literal about it.
Fox 13 reports that 82-year-old Florida man, Fred Smith, was arrested for slashing a woman's tires after a disagreement at a bingo game at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community Club House.
Dog Flu Confirmed in Grand Rapids [Video]
This spring an outbreak of canine influenza sickened more than 1,000 dogs in the states surrounding Michigan.
Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana have all seen cases of the virus, some of them deadly.
The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has now confirmed three cases of…
Senior Pranksters Put School Up For Sale on Craigslist
I can't remember exactly what my classes' senior prank was, which likely means two things 1) It probably wasn't that good. 2) I am getting freaking old.
Anyway. Kids these days have the advantage of the Internet for their senior pranking. They can do things like put their high school u…
Grand Rapids’ 2015 Fifth Third River Bank Run Results [Video]
Rain didn't stop over 20,000 runners and 40,000 spectators from filling the streets of Grand Rapids Saturday morning for the Fifth Third River Bank Run.
Here are the talented athletes who took home top honors today at West Michigan's largest and longest running sporting event.

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