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Michigan Ranked Last in U.S. For Ethics and Transparency Laws
While the Mitten State has a ton to be proud of (beaches, craft beer, attractive women), this really isn't one of those things.
In a national study set to be released today, Michigan ranks last among all the 50 states in ethics and transparency laws and safeguards, the D…
78-Year-Old Punched in Fight Over Nutella Samples at Costco
There's a certain etiquette to enjoying free samples at grocery stores. Take one. Pretend to listen to person giving the cooking demonstration/ handing out the samples. Walk away.
You don't shove as many samples as possible into your face then haul off and hit an old man who corrects you. But. That's…
Founders Brewing Expands Distribution to California, Nevada
If you've got beer loving friends on the West Coast, give them a heads-up: Grand Rapids' Founders Brewing Co. will soon be distributing in California and Nevada.
MLive Media Group/ The Grand Rapids Press reports that Founders announced the addition September 16, which expands their distribu…
McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Starts Nationally Oct. 6
It's happening!
For anyone who's ever pulled up to the McDonald's drive-thru at 10:33 a.m. and had your heart crushed because you were too late order an Egg McMuffin, you know how amazing this is: McDonald's will begin serving breakfast all day nationally Oct.  6!
Amazon Launches One-Hour Booze Delivery
If you've ever been at a BBQ that's run out of beer, you know how revolutionary this is: Amazon is launching a booze delivery service.
The lucky folks of Seattle are the first to get Prime Now, a mobile app available to Amazon Prime members, with one-hour delivery on thousands of items…
What is Michigan’s Most Embarrassing Google Search?
Real estate website Estately has mapped each state's most embarrassing google searches.
They dug through 11 years of search data to find which terms users in each state Googled more than any other, then compiled a list of what they deemed to be the most embarrassing or shameful.
So what are most …

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