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New Study Shows Binge TV Watching Is For Sad and Lonely
In news that should surprise approximately no one, a new study from the University of Texas at Austin has discovered that “binge-watching” has been linked to depression, loneliness, and the inability to make wise decisions, like getting off the couch and doing anything else. Researcher…
Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor in the Face [Video]
I had a few beers at a bar last night to celebrate Groundhog Day. OK, I had a few beers because I felt like it and it also just happened to be Groundhog Day.
While actually discussing whether the magical rodent saw his shadow or not, there he appeared on television!
"Wait, did the groundhog j…
Mother Delivers Baby On Side of Road [Video]
We've all heard the stories about women giving birth at home, in the bathroom of a restaurant or in the back seat of a car.
This is definitely a new one, though, as a woman's water broke while she was driving on I-15 near Wilder, Utah, and she gave birth right there in the driver's seat.
She was abl…

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