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Cat Missing for 2 years Found 2,000 Miles Away
I love a good "Pet Found!" story. And this one is really impressive. Plus, it involves an orange cat, which is super up my alley. Orange kitties for life!
According to the Huffinton Post, Kevin, an orange tabby cat vanished from his home in Anderson, South Carolina 2 years …
Driverless SUV Begins Cross-Country Trip [Video]
Well, we're officially living in the future.
The folks at Delphi Automotive PLC have been working hard over the past years to get their self-driving car ready for the masses.
And if all goes according to plan over the next week and a half, they will be one step closer to that goal.
Dr. Pepper Is Secret to Long Life, 104-Year-Old Woman Says
More people are living past 100 years old these days and it's got a lot of us wondering: "What's the secret?"
Whether it's consuming raw eggs and staying single or eating White Castle regularly, each of these impressive elders has their own method to pr…

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