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GRD Listeners Sound Off On New Prophets of Rage Song [Video, Poll]
Prophets of Rage, made up of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill members have released a new song.
GRD debuted their single by the same name, "Prophets of Rage", on the Liquid Lunch today wanting to hear what listeners think.
Check out their reactions,…
Corey Taylor Takes Bad Fall at the End of Atlanta Show [Video]
Wednesday night, June 29th, Slipknot hit Atlanta for the second show since Corey's surgery after breaking his neck. All seemed to go well, until the end, when Corey took a bad spill. He's been wearing a neck brace, and is under orders to not headbang or jump, so falling like this couldn&ap…
Messing With Hot Wings Again is Fun – FBHW Segment 16 [Video]
The guys cover a lot of ground on today's Segment 16. A Wyoming man in desperate need of transportation after getting ripped off. Joe attempting to educate Justin on the Edmund Fitzgerald. Hot Wings being REALLY late to work today. Do the Great Lakes actually freeze over completely. Can Hot Win…

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