Vamps – Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween #13
Last night, the night before Halloween, I finally decided to watch one of the Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween I'd been putting off. It's a cutesy vampire spoof with Alicia Silverstone, and Kristin Ritter (Jessica Jones), and I knew it wouldn't be scary. It's not, but it is a…
The Best Porn Halloween Experience You Could Ever Have
Here's a great way to celebrate Halloween tonight, by checking out a movie that spawned a different kind of live event. In 2011, a great event was held around the porn parody of The Exorcist. The movie is called the XXXorcist, and an event was planned to re-enact the movie in "Splattervision&qu…
The Top 10 Porn Stars from the State of Michigan
Why, yes. Yes, there are. Some of them you've even heard of, which is always good. No one wants to be in a conversation with people and they make fun of you because your state hasn't produced any good porn stars. Jeesh, what kind of loser would that make you?
Playback – Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween #9
Last night, I watched (or I should say, rewatched) a movie for Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween that was shot right here in Grand Rapids! It's called Playback, and featured (but not stars) Christian Slater as a cop/perv, in this decent but not amazing horror movie.
Scream 4 – Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween #7
This month, I'm covering some of the horror movies filmed or based in Michigan, to get you ready for Halloween. There have been a LOT of movies filmed or based here, and so far, we've covered some classic and recent movies. Next up, a more pop-culture scary movie, and the fourth in the ser…
Evil Dead (2013) – Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween #6
Yesterday, for Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween, we covered the original The Evil Dead, made by Sam Raimi, and starring Bruce Campbell. The camp, the gore, the fun, the scary...that movie had it all. How do you even remake it?
With one of the best new versions ever. Super gory, more serious, surp…

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