Reed’s Lake “Back in the Day,” in 1946 [Video]
Reed's Lake is just one of the many gems in the Grand Rapids area that makes living here so special. "Back in the day," it was really something special. People from all over would flock to the lake.
Located in East Grand Rapids, we know Reed's Lake today as the home of Roses Restaurant, par…
Want to Be in A Creepy Clown Horror Movie?
There's a new creepy clown killer horror movie about to be shot in Northern Michigan, called Crepitus, and you can be in it! It stars Bill Moseley, of House of 1000 Corpses fame, and the filmmaker is looking for people to be in a creepy family album. You don't even have to be able to act.
The Oscars had a Jim Joyce Moment, And That’s a Good Thing
The 2017 Academy Awards will always be remembered for the mix-up at the end of the awards show. La La Land was mistakenly named the winner for Best Picture, then moments later Moonlight was announced the winner.
A huge mistake, but a mistake that was handled well by all. That's something that former …

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