What if Harry Potter Was an R-Rated Movie? [Video]
It was only a matter of time, really. I'm sort of surprised this hasn't come out before now! I guess the animation took a little time or something. But here's a fun video of what 'Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone' would have been like had it been R-Rated in the the…
‘Creed’ Looks Like It Should Have More ‘Rocky’ In It [Video]
I have always been a fan of the Rocky movies, the first one is a timeless classic.
The second is pretty good, the third is funny, the fourth is preachy, and Rocky 5? We just try to forget about that one.
Sylvester Stallone wants to keep the Rocky legacy going with the latest addition to the saga, &apo…
Grand Rapids DJs Review ‘The End of the Tour’
The End of the Tour is set for limited release on July 31. The movie has earned great reviews, even Oscar buzz, at Sundance Film Festival and other select screenings.
Some of The End of the Tour was shot in the radio studios and offices of Townsquare Media Grand Rapids, which is home to 100.5 The Riv…
GRD And Winners Had Fun Watching Ted 2 and Eating Free Food!
On Monday night, Ned and I joined some cool winners at Buffalo Wing Wings for some free food, hung out, had some amazing wings, and gave away some free stuff at the GRD Bromance! Everyone even got free bottles of sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings before we left, which is freaking awesome!
We were all rea…

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