Cool Facts About Jurassic Park [Video]
When Jurassic Park hit theaters, people were simply amazed by the realism of the dinosaurs. On top of that, it was pretty well written, directed, and publicized. It quickly became a classic.
However, while you watch the movies, it makes you wonder how the movie was made doesn't it?
Awesome Deadpool Trailer is Awesome [Video]
The full Deadpool trailer came out earlier this week, and it is freaking awesome! Everything the fans want, and something completely different from everything else Marvel has been putting out. You can thank the fans of Deadpool for two things:

Deadpool's mouth isn't sewn shut in this movie.
Roddy Piper’s Forgotten Awesome Movie, ‘They Live’ [Video]
When I was a kid, I would stay up for long periods of time and watch a movie on a TV channel. The best movies seem to have been shown on the USA Network, along with TNT.
Before they were all about Drama or whatever, they showed classic movies and retro ones. This is where I saw any Stallone or Schwar…

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