Mortal Kombat the Movie is 20 Years Old, Meaning You’re 96 [Video]
1995 was a pretty cool year! Actually I can't quite think about anything else that happened that year. I was still a kid watching Nickelodeon, playing Super Nintendo, playing with Gak, etc.
I loved the video game Mortal Kombat! So when I heard that a Mortal Kombat movie was coming out, I was pre…
Check out the Star Wars Episode VII Action Figures [Video]
Star Wars isn't just a movie series, but it's a global phenomenon that has merchandise for pretty much everything out there.
Star Wars bed sheets, toys, shampoo, special edition cars, costumes, etc. You name it, chances are that Star Wars is somehow on it.
Some Cool Facts About the Super Mario’s Movie Career [Video]
The guys over at Did You Know Gaming not only talk about video games, but they also like to talk about movies as well in their series of Did You Know Movies.
The first video game movie to hit the big screen was the Super Mario Bros. Which was a very rough start for the plumber in Hollywood, and still…
Cool Facts About Jurassic Park [Video]
When Jurassic Park hit theaters, people were simply amazed by the realism of the dinosaurs. On top of that, it was pretty well written, directed, and publicized. It quickly became a classic.
However, while you watch the movies, it makes you wonder how the movie was made doesn't it?

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