Crank Up New Metallica – “Hardwired” Now
Metallica will be releasing their new album, Hardwired...To Self Destruct on November 18th! We've been waiting a long time for the new stuff, since Death Magnetic came out in 2008. And the band has also released a new song video today!
Wham! Made Metal Will Wake You Up in the Morning [Video]
One of the first things I saw today is another fun cover song from Leo of Frog Leap Studios. It's always a good day when he posts one of his amazing metal covers of a pop song. He takes those silly pop things and turns them into something people would actually want to listen to!
Corey Taylor Takes Bad Fall at the End of Atlanta Show [Video]
Wednesday night, June 29th, Slipknot hit Atlanta for the second show since Corey's surgery after breaking his neck. All seemed to go well, until the end, when Corey took a bad spill. He's been wearing a neck brace, and is under orders to not headbang or jump, so falling like this couldn&ap…

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