Magician Impales TV Host During Trick [Video]
This is why I don't do magic. Okay, I'm also clumsy AF, and too lazy to learn the tricks, but this video is the main reason. Really. I would totally impale someone like this guy does during his failed trick. Only I wouldn't have a lame-ass ponytail.
This guy totally sucks at his job.
Wham! Made Metal Will Wake You Up in the Morning [Video]
One of the first things I saw today is another fun cover song from Leo of Frog Leap Studios. It's always a good day when he posts one of his amazing metal covers of a pop song. He takes those silly pop things and turns them into something people would actually want to listen to!
The Shallows – Johnnie and Christine Talk Movies [Video]
Last night, Christine from our sister station Channel 95.7 and I went to see the new movie, "The Shallows", with the beautiful Blake Lively. It's a shark movie that's a little different from the silly ones that have come out like Sharknado. And did I mention that Blake is…
Electric Forest Fun – FBHW Segment 16 [Video]
Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about this weekend's Electric Forest festival in Rothbury, and the history of festivals up there. Long before people were excited to see things called DJ Mustard, Caspa B2B Rusko, or Bro Safari (How do people even come up with these silly names?), people used …

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