Game Room Guys – GRD Office Invasion 7/18/17
On the July 18th GRD Office Invasion, Johnnie delivered free lunch from Little Caesars to Heidi and her coworkers at Game Room Guys. A really cool place to go if you're thinking of setting up a man cave or game room. They have tons of games, and fun things for your room...
Are We Eating Steaks Cooked By Satan Himself?
There's a crazy theory going around, and stay with me here. People are always looking for conspiracies, and there's one now about a super popular steak restaurant. We have some right here in Grand Rapids, and are they making us Satan Steaks?
French-Inspired Restaurant Coming to Downtown Grand Rapids
While there seem to be lots of restaurants closing in Grand Rapids, new ones are popping up to replace them.
The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that developers plan to open New Hotel Mertens restaurant and bar at 35 Oakes Street downtown Grand Rapids.
What’s the Best Topping for a Hot Dog?
Today is National Hot Dog Day, and everyone is thinking about their favorite hot dog place. If you weren't before that sentence, you are now. But besides the decision of where to go for a great dog, the next tough choice: What to put on your hot dogs?
You Can Get Pancakes for 59¢ at IHOP Today!
Mmm pancakes... delicious no matter what time it is and today you can have them for only 59¢ at IHOP!
IHOP is celebrating their 59th anniversary today (Tuesday, 7/18) and in honor of that customers can get a short stack (three buttermilk pancakes) for only 59¢ which is normally $5...
Do You Remember the Kentwood Station Restaurant?
Just thinking back to some more good, local, restaurants that have closed, and the Kentwood Station popped into my head. It was like stepping back in time when you walked into the old train station like restaurant, with sound effects and all, as I remember.

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