Video From World’s Tallest Giga Coaster May Induce Vomiting [Video]
When I was a kid, I once waited in line for at least an hour and half to ride a roller coaster. I was excited, but also terrified. And at the last minute I chickened out.
When it was my turn, I burst into tears and totally refused to get on. I'm sure my Dad was quite pleased, after waiting all that t…
Older Episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ Are Way Better Than New Ones [Video]
The Simpsons have been around for more than 20 years, making it the longest running animated sitcom of all time.
It's hard to remember a time when the yellow family was not on our television. During the '90s, though, The Simpsons was at the height of its popularity and everyone knew who the Fox show…

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