Hacker Turns TIE Fighter Toy Into Flying Drone [Video]
Many of us have had toys that should fly (like my Naboo Starfighter) that, unfortunately, couldn't actually fly. Holding the toy in the air while running and using your imagination was the closest you could get. However, one anonymous toy hacker decided to alter his new Hasbro First Order Speci…
Hear Adele’s “Hello” Performed as a Rock Song [Video]
By now, Adele's new hit song "Hello" has become widely popular, even among people who normally affiliate with different musical genres. So really, it was only a matter of time before somebody covered "Hello." Yet what makes this cover so cool is that it isn&a…
Twitch Will Show Bob Ross Episodes Weekly [Video]
Last week, video streaming website Twitch held a marathon of The Joy of Painting episodes, and over 5.6 million people tuned in. Now, Bob Ross (and his famous hair, and his happy little trees) are going to be part of a weekly Twitch stream.

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