Jackie is doing a damn good job wrangling the local bands, but as a METAL AFICIONADO, I want you to talk to me! If you are a local metal band looking for some exposure and love from a radio station, this is your time to shine here at WGRD.

Here is the skinny on this....I have partnered with MOSHPIT NATION, which is your source for the local hook-up on everything LOCAL METAL from here to Detroit! So you not only getting here on WGRD, but you're getting backed by MOSHPIT NATION! How brutal is that?!

How you can get started:

Send me your info! This MUST include, Band Photo, Years Active, Location, Short Bio, Upcoming Shows (not required), and a couple tracks via MP3 format. (If these are not included, you best get your #(*@ together)

Where do I send? Send all of the above info to ned@wgrd.com

This is NOT limited to just Grand Rapids, MI! I don't care if you are from Hawaii, Alaska, or even Jamaica. If you are metal, then you have a place here.

Once received and reviewed, keep your eye on WGRD.com for your post! Even better, if your show is within' reach and I like you, watch out for me at your show as you might get interviewed for WGRD.com! (And I will actually pay cover...unless it's free)

Local Metal needs an outlet, and MOSH PIT NATION and WGRD are here for you METAL HEADS!