If you're patient enough you get new Bullet For My Valentine music about every 2-3 years. Lets look back:
2005 = The Poison.
2008 = Scream Aim Fire.
2010 = Fever
And soon...."Temper Temper" due for a Feb 2013 release. First up from that new release (in Vid form) is the title track. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. As you can see by the following posts the love/hate for the song/vid is nearly the same.

From Thomasdengal:
This is amazing, you people need to shut up and grow up

From MartyHaVoK337:
BY FAR THE WORST BFMV SONG EVER MADE! What happened to these guys? The songs structure is so bland and plain sounds like they wrote this song in 5 minutes -_-

The split seems to be about 50/50 so far on whether or not the the Vid rocks - whats your thought? Vote below.