When it comes to gaming, we need fuel. The requirement of this gaming fuel is a massive amount of caffeine and sugar. Especially if you are gaming all night on World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or even a marathon of Mario games. You need to be focused! Sure we have plenty of energy drinks today, but nothing as good as this caffeine classic. I think it's time again to FEED THE RUSH, with SURGE!

Thinking of this soda (or pop...whatever) brings back a ton of nostalgic memories. I remember intense late nights as a kid playing Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (terrible game!) on SNES and drinking at least 4 cans of Surge. What is Surge you ask?

Surge was a soda sold by the Coca Cola Company. It was a green colored beverage that was loaded with sugar and caffeine. A means to give you a SURGE of energy! It was a fully loaded citrus soda with Carbos! What are Carbos? I don't know and I don't care to know, but man it was awesome. This soda was before Monster, Red Bull, Rip It, etc. It wasn't really marketed as an energy drink, but a competitive drink to battle against Pepsi's Mountain Dew. Surge can no longer be found in stores as the soda was discontinued in early 2000 due to lack of sales (like many soft drinks). A couple years  back, Coca Cola released an line of energy soda's named Vault. It had a familiar Surge taste, but still wasn't Surge. The fans took it as, "The fruit of their labors" and accepted Vault as the new Surge. Since then though, Vault was discontinued...

So you are thinking, who cares! It's just a soda! Well my friend, this isn't just any soda. This is a soda with a following! Many beverages have been discontinued over the years (like Crystal Pepsi), but no soda has had fan demand like this.

As of right now, the facebook group SURGE MOVEMENT has grabbed over 11,000 followers with the demand for the fully loaded citrus soda (I am one of them). This group encourages more to join if you want SURGE back. Also, they want you to call your local Coca Cola bottling company and demand SURGE to make it back to the market!

If you are a SURGE lover, join the movement, and bring back the THE RUSH!

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