UPDATE (3:25pm): Police have concerned that an infant who was roughly 3 months old died at a Lowell day care facility on Tuesday.

When police arrived at the facility, a worker at the day car was performing CPR on the baby.  According to reports, the baby was taking a nap and when a worker checked up on them they noticed they weren't breathing.

Foul play is not suspected, but an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow to learn more about the exact cause of death.

Parents were called to the daycare to pick up their children after the incident.

According to the folks at FOX-17, police are currently investigating the death of a child at a day care in Lowell.
Officers are at the scene of the day care, where they arrived around 11:30am today. The day care is located at 500 block of Avery Street, according to police.

Authorities have not indicated whether the death was natural or if they are investigating it as suspicious.

State documents indicate that the facility has had at least two past state investigations.