Hour 1
It's really hot across the entire country still. Steve gave us an update on the temperature in his house: 87 degrees at 4am! Free Beer saw a post on DamnYouAutoCorrect.com which we're pretty sure is fake, but we're all hoping is real. A guy texted his girlfriend that he was going to jump her when he got home, but it was auto-corrected to say he was going to dump her. There's a new Bible coming out that has been written in a way to keep the attention of a younger generation. It doesn't seem necessary because the original really isn't that difficult to follow. We went over a list of the top 10 prog-rock bands of all time. We were surprised that many of hte bands were even on the list and considered prog-rock in the first place.

Hour 2
Free Beer told us early on the show today that he had another issue during basketball last night, but wouldn't give us any details until later in the morning. We got a new hate email and posted it on the website this morning. It came from someone listening in one of our newest markets, Amarillo, TX. There was a minor coffee disaster in the kitchen this morning. Some idiot put a half-filled pot under the coffee maker and started making a new pot. This, of course, made the entire thing overflow and send coffee 20 feet across the floor. Listener Jimbo sent in an email to tell us about the physical altercation that took place at his job yesterday. One of his coworkers hit another with a board across the head! We asked for anyone to call in that has had similar experiences.

Hour 3
We talked about a story where a guy legally moved in to a $300,000 house after paying only $16 for it. The house was in foreclosure and the company holding the mortgage went out of business. He filled out some paperwork and moved in, but all of the neighbors are pissed off and say he's squatting. Free Beer finally gave us the details of what happened last night at basketball. Former intern Dr. Stupid was a witness to the fiasco and called in to give us the details on exactly what went down. We played the audio of Paris Hilton walking out of her interview with ABC News. She was basically told to her face that she's a has-been and that her time has come and gone. She then showed the guy interviewing her the crazy expensive and elaborate doghouse that she had built for her 17 dogs.

Hour 4
Jennifer Aniston announced that she is now pre-engaged and has a promise ring. We talked about how ridiculous "promise rings" are because if you're committed to getting married, you should just get engaged. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about Tiger Woods firing his longtime caddy and also played the audio of MSNBC's Contessa Brewer being put in her place. We closed the hour with a round of Dumer Than Zane Trivia, worth $4,000 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5
If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you be? We asked this question this morning and had listeners call in and give us their answer. We watched the video of a kid at a baseball game that didn't get to a foul ball quick enough and then just sat there and pouted for 20 minutes. They kept showing him on TV, so the team finally sent a team official over to give him a ball. What a brat. You can see that posted in the Video Reel. Talk to you on Friday morning!