I do not like to be scared at all, so don't mistake my love for this video as me liking people scaring me, because I freaking hate it! That said this is completely hilarious. So this dude decided he wants to prank his girlfriend and her two sisters; he goes all burglar on their butts and scares the crap out of them. Their reaction was priceless.

I can't say that I wouldn't act the same way though, one time in college some guys decided to scare me (way back in the dorm days) and hid in my dresser cabinet. They stayed there for like 30 minutes while I watched TV, goofed around, I think at one point I was dancing and singing to some Meatloaf (one of my guilty pleasures, don't hate) and all the sudden the cabinet door slowly opens and I literally about crapped my pants!

Anywho this reminded me of that and thought I would share!