Each week at WGRD.com we feature the best of Recoil Magazine.  Recoil is a free news satire/local entertainment magazine based in the West Michigan area and published on the 1st of every month.

Half of Recoil’s content – edgy social and political satire – is intended to poke fun at contemporary news conventions and access, and to offer a humorous and provocative reflection of the state of modern society. The second half of Recoil’s 68 pages aims to strengthen the fiber of our local community by providing a comprehensive guide to quality West Michigan entertainment, reporting uncommon local interest stories, and presenting other features and columns pertinent to the culture of our area.

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    Area Man Can’t Do A Single Goddamn Thing Right Today

    Peterborough, Pa. – After botching a plethora of simple, everyday tasks,Peterborough Times classified editor Steve Elliot confirmed to sources that the 39-year-old can’t seem to do a single goddamn thing right today.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Relief Workers Distribute Food To Customers Stranded In Line At Panera Bread

    Sunset Hills, Miss. – Food, liquids and blankets were distributed by relief workers to customers stranded in line at an area Panera Bread location early Friday afternoon.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Used Car Lot Rolls Back Prices, Odometers

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    Editorial: Some Of That Antidote Would Really Hit The Spot Right About Now

    Whooo boy, is it a scorcher out here today or what, honey? Huh? What’s that, baby? What do you mean it’s only 60 degrees out? I’m burning up inside! Let me take a look at that thermometer. Holy cow, you’re right. Well why in the heck am I so hot then? Look at me, I’m sweating like crazy! I wonder why I’ve got this fever all of a sudden?

    Recoil Magazine
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    Online Gambler Loses House Without Leaving It

    Terra Haute, Ind. – Jim Mackey, a regular visitor to the online gambling web site goldenpalace.com, lost his house to bank foreclosure over the last six months without once having to leave his house in order to gamble in a casino. “Gambling from home online is so much more convenient than having to drive two hours to an Indian casino or whatnot,” said a sleep-deprived Mackey, taking a break from packing his few belongings into cardboard boxes in order to transfer the last of his bank savings into his goldenpalace.com account using his laptop.

    Recoil Magazine