Each week at WGRD.com we feature the best of Recoil Magazine.  Recoil is a free news satire/local entertainment magazine based in the West Michigan area and published on the 1st of every month.

Half of Recoil’s content – edgy social and political satire – is intended to poke fun at contemporary news conventions and access, and to offer a humorous and provocative reflection of the state of modern society. The second half of Recoil’s 68 pages aims to strengthen the fiber of our local community by providing a comprehensive guide to quality West Michigan entertainment, reporting uncommon local interest stories, and presenting other features and columns pertinent to the culture of our area.

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    Tammy In Human Resources Dressed Like Slut Again Today

    Indianapolis, Ind. – Sources at Elliot Manufacturers, an industrial packaging materials supply company, confirmed early this morning that Tammy Spicer in human resources came to work dressed like a total slut again today. “Did you get a look at Tammy yet this morning?” accounts manager Paul Albert asked marketing director Edward Richards after returning from an interview with a prospective salesperson. “I swear, that girl dresses like she’s going straight from here to her weekend stripper gig or something."

    Recoil Magazine
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    Keg Found Dead In Bathtub

    Livingston, Ariz. – Partygoers were shocked and horrified Friday night when 20-year-old party host Trent Obeler found his quarter-barrel keg of Budweiser beer dead in the upstairs bathtub of his parents’ Livingston home at approximately 11 p.m., sources report.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Recoil Handbook: Golf Tips

    Golf has long remained one of the most popular sports in the country, played as much for relaxation as for competition. Here are some tips to help sharpen your game.

    • Beginners: part of the allure of golf is that the game presents almost unlimited situations that require the player to constantly be making tough choices. Still, for simplicity’s sake, you’re probably best off picking one end of the club to strike the ball with and sticking with it.

    • Your first goal should be developing a good short game. Your second should be getting a cart airborne.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Thing Done Number On

    Boise, Idaho – Steve Warren, an experienced crane operator employed by Ace Construction Company, is reported to have done a number on one of the company’s air compressors when the controls for his crane malfunctioned Friday morning, causing the crane to over-rotate and sending the air compressor he was lifting crashing into the side of the building under construction.

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    Infant Not Nearly As Adorable When Crying At 3 a.m.

    Seattle, Wash. – First-time parents Mark and Julie Ward have begun recognizing that their sweet, cute-as-a-button infant daughter April is not nearly as adorable when the toddler is wailing and crying for attention at top volume three or four times every night while both career-minded parents attempt to rest in preparation for their upcoming workdays.

    Recoil Magazine