I was asked an intriguing question the other day by a local band, "Can you put us in the Rocktagon?" My first thought was, well no I can't... but then after thinking about it I thought what a good opportunity! I decided to do a "Battle for the Rocktagon!"

Here is what's going to happen:

Every band I have ever featured for my "Grand Rapids Rocks" segment is part of this contest. I have a poll featured below. Vote for the band you like the most; the band with the most votes after 10 days will not only get played on GRD at 8:00 but they will be put into the rocktagon against who ever is the current champion.

This is a golden opportunity, if the band then goes on to win the rocktagon against whoever is up, then they will continue to be played on GRD in the rocktagon every night until they are beat.

So, now that the rules are in place, let the voting begin! I will announce the winner on Monday, November 5th.  If you want to know more about the bands check out Jackie's Grand Rapids Rocks page.  And be sure to check out Fine Fine Titans at our Halloween Hellraiser show!

Happy Hunger Games... err, I mean Rocktagon Battle!