When I saw that Dethklok was trending, I got pretty excited! Was Metalocalypse back on the air, new Dethklok album?

Nope, but it's still awesome why Dethklok is trending though.

The creators of BATMETAL have animated a new music video for Dethklok's 'Murmaider'

The video is absolutely crazy! The band members of BATMETAL seem to include Batman, Robin, and many other super heroes in the band. Clearly it's a fake band, but you can't help but enjoy it quite a bit.

The fine people at BATMETAL took the metal as hell song 'Murmaider' from Dethklok and animated a new music video for it.

It was pretty satisfying to see Spongebob's guts ripped out and Ariel's face smashed into a pipe! As a metal fan and Dethklok fan, this is a perfect video for the song.

Here is the real video, VIDEO IS NSFW! Because of beeeeeeewbs....