It's that magical time of year when you take your kids to the mall to see Santa.  They'll ask him for presents you can't afford, and he'll say that he will bring them.  A Santa Claus was recently fired from a mall in Maine due to his rude tendencies towards the children.  A mother made a complaint saying "He didn't even ask if she was good, or any of that.  He just kinda snubbed her."

The story then took a weird direction when the local reporter started reaching deep to make this a sad story.  The reporter first accused the Santa of not listening to the little girl's list when it was pretty obvious that he just misheard the little girl.  Then to close out the story the reporter tells of the mother's current financial troubles, as if the bad Santa had anything to do with her being unemployed.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings have to say about this Bad Santa wannabe below.

Pat Collins, make this person a Holiday Break-In and we're gonna take a dump in the sock.  Pat, make it happen.  We'll stuff you in one sock and a turd in the other. - Zane