So, the Japanese are crazy.  Not in the kill-everyone-while-in-your-underwear kind of way, but in a "wtf is going on over there" kind of way.

The big export right now is a band called Babymetal, which is their fusion of extreme metal brutality and cuteness.  Why?  Because that's what pops into their minds.  I'm telling you, there's something in the water or something over there.

The Babymetal girls and their band hit Sonisphere this past weekend, and not only played a raging set, but also got the crowd doing a Wall of Death, and took some adorable photos with some of the heaviest people on the planet!  Check out their photos with Slayer, Anthrax, Carcass, and more...and then watch some of the show, and their Wall of Death!

People are really getting into the show, and they know the freaking words!  This is insane!

Gary Holt and Kerry King of Slayer (Babymetal Facebook)
with Billy Sheehan (Babymetal Facebook)
with Jeff Walker of Carcass (Babymetal Facebook)
Babymetal and Charlie, Frankie and Scott of Anthrax (Babymetal Facebook)

Gimme Chocolate live

More Babymetal faster

Wall of Death