Guns N' Roses members past and present have been in the news as of late, but Axl Rose wants to make it clear that the original roster will NEVER reunite.

Original guitarist Slash said in an interview last week that he would rejoin Guns N' Roses if Axl Rose called him up and apologized.  Axl decided to dismiss any rumors from getting out of hand on his Twitter page.

"Contrary to anyone's claims there are no concrete plans nor were there ever for a tour, a relaunch or sponsors (n' certainly not to replace anyone in the band) beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals w/out any real foundation or negotiations in place other than our prior involvements (which wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put together). And 4 the record Doc McGhee is no longer involved w/either myself or GN'R.  N' b4 it's twisted "prior involvements" has nothing to do with old GN"R."

Slash departed from Guns N' Roses in 1996 and reportedly have not had any contact with Axl since then.  Although the two did indirectly team up to prevent the hit Fox show Glee from using their music and recently praised Axl's talent.  Looks like this matter can be laid to rest for now.

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