Here at WGRD, we are equal opportunity mixed martial arts fans. In the most recent couple of years, that has come to include women, for better or worse. That begs the age old question asked by men for generation: Are two women in a cat fight or better yet a cage fight, hot?For a few years, Strikeforce was the main competitor to the all consuming UFC. That was, at least, until UFC's very own parent company Zuffa purchased the fledgling organization and with it all of its fighters.

Some of the men have made their way over to the "varsity program" after the acquisition, but Strikeforce still does exist. The first and best of the women in MMA community was Gina Carano. It took her all of one brutal face beating against another woman to cause her to run to Hollywood and start being hot in movies. Hard to blame her...

This past weekend, there was a fight for the women's bantamweight championship. It starred two incredibly attractive women punching and wrestling with each other for a comical belt they will never wear.

We feel the question must be asked, especially after watching the fight, is if hot women fighting is attractive or not? We are not talking about mud wrestling or some slight hair pulling that has the potential to turn into those types of videos you have to search out somewhere on the internet.

Before the fight, the question may have been valid. Even though both women had corn rows and and unflattering small amount of makeup on, they were still attractive women.

That was until Ronda Rousey bent Miesha Tate's arm backward so far it snapped. The fight was ended immediately and the break is pretty easy to see.

Maybe this isn't such a hard question to answer...that is gross and unattractive. Agree, disagree? Sound off in the comments below!