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Had Mark already handled a case similar to yours? Mark has litigated as a criminal defense attorney for thousands of misdemeanor and felony clients in dozens of counties in West Michigan. He has successfully represented clients for expungments, drivers license restorations, divorces and child custody disputes as well.

What happens, what is the process?

In criminal cases an individual is first arraignment and a bond amount is set. After the arraignment comes the pre-trial conference. At the pre-trial conference you can either enter a plea or set the matter for trial. Lastly, if a plea is entered or a when a trial is finished the matter is set for sentencing. It is important to have an attorney through all the stages of the process.

In divorce and child custody cases the process various from case-to-case and from county-to-county.

For driver's license restorations, testimonial letters need to be gathered, an alcohol assessment and a 10 panel drug screen need to be completed as well. It usually takes about 2 months to gather all this information and I will email you out a packet of information before you even begin the process. Once the application is submitted I will provide two mock interviews to better prepare you. It usually takes about 3 months for a hearing to be set after the application is submitted.

How much is Mark Caldwell’s service?
It varies case to case. Please call for more information. (616) 915-6576
What experience does Mark have?
5 years.
Grand Rapids attorney Mark M. Caldwell was raised in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Mark went on to attend Michigan State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2000. Upon graduation Mark moved to Grand Rapids with his wife Emily and started a career as a Real Estate Acquisition and Zoning Specialist in the cell tower industry spanning 6 years. In 2004 Mark decided to pursue a career in law while still actively employed. Mark attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School, in Grand Rapids, where he graduated in September of 2007.
Mark was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 2008 having passed the Michigan Bar Exam. Having obtained the necessary knowledge to start his own practice Mark has been a solo practitioner since August of 2008, practicing in criminal law, drunk driving defense, driver's license restorations, Expungements and family law.